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Electric Scooters – The best Christmas gift 2022

We’ve all been around town and seen Electric Scooters ridden around everywhere. Over the past few years, these smart machines are appearing more and more and everyone is loving them. It’s time to get yours or a loved one as a gift this Christmas!

So why is an Electric Scooter the best gift for Christmas?

  • Scooting is back in fashion. It’s fun, fast, and cool!
  • Easy to ride, there is a tonne of options to choose from! So there’s a perfect fit for everybody
  • Our electric scooters come with reliable and rechargeable long-lasting lithium-ion batteries
  • They’re highly reliable (the ones we sell anyway…), and incredibly easy to maintain and repair with parts readily available. We also offer free 1 Years Warranty!
  • All your friends are riding them, so why miss out on the fun?

To save you doing all the research, we’ve put together a table of top electric scooter deals that we have and their specs, click on the scooter names to find out more:

Electric Scooter Comparison Table 2022

SpecsRapid E9D 350WEMANBA LS12iENYRID M4 Pro S+T4 ZRinoKugoo G2 Pro T4 DUOMiniWalker 10DDM
Top Speed25km/h (16mph)45km/h (28mph)45km/h (28mph)35km/h (22mph)50km/h (31mph)40km/h (25mph)68km/h (42mph)
Max Range25km (16miles)45km (28miles)50km (31miles)40km (25miles)50km (31miles)40km (25miles)90km (56miles)
Battery7.5Ah12.5Ah16Ah13Ah15Ah13Ah18.2Ah (LG)
Motor350W500W800W 600W800W1000W (Dual)2000W
Wheels8.5inch Solid Tyre10Inch10Inch 10Inch10Inch10Inch10Inch
SuspensionRearFront & RearFront &
Front & RearFront & RearFront & RearFront &
Hottest Electric Scooters UK 2022 comparison table

Are you a beginner rider or buying a gift for someone and still not sure which Electric Scooter is the best option?

Well if that’s the case, we simply highly recommend the EMANBA LS12 Electric Scooter! It’s the perfect Christmas gift and a perfect balance between quality and price.


  1. It’s Fast
  2. It’s Lightweight
  3. It’s highly reliable. We’ve tested it to its limits!
  4. it’s one of our most sought-after models
  5. The EMANBA Electric Scooter is the best in terms of value for money. You’re getting all the premium specs with a much lower price tag without sacrificing quality.
Electric scooter

The EMANBA LS12 Electric Scooter comes equipped with keys to prevent theft

Electric scooter folded

New and improved locking mechanism for easy folding on the go!

Electric scooter front wheel of Emanba

New and improved motor for better acceleration and hill climbing. Also an extra bright LED for riding safely in the dark!

I see you’ve read quite a bit of our blog post, as a thank you here’s an exclusive £25 OFF all orders on our website! Simply use the following discount code at checkout:


X26 Black
ENGWE X Series (X26/X24/X20) Electric Bike
Original price was: £2,200.00.Current price is: £1,799.00.
The HIMIWAY Cobra electric mountain bike, in black
HIMIWAY Cobra Electric Bike
Original price was: £2,900.00.Current price is: £2,399.00.
HimiWay Cruiser Black
HimiWay Cruiser Electric Bike
Original price was: £1,999.00.Current price is: £1,699.00.
Engwe EP-2 Pro Electric Bike Black colour image
ENGWE EP-2 Pro Electric Bike
Original price was: £1,100.00.Current price is: £949.00.

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