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Fast & High Performance Electric Scooters

Looking for a fast, powerful and a high volage monster to get around? Look no further than our performance electric scooters! With high-powered motors, long-lasting batteries, and sleek designs, performance electric scooters offer an efficient and reliable way to navigate through literally any terrain and beyond. Whether you’re a seasoned rider, adrenaline-fueled , or someone who simply enjoys the thrill of speed, performance electric scooters offer an unparalleled riding experience. With top speeds of beyond 40mph and ranges of over 50 miles, these scooters are built to handle even the toughest of conditions. Upgrade your ride and experience the freedom of high-performance electric scooters today!

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Fast & High Performance Electric Scooters

Motor Power
Image of MiniWalker Tiger 9 Pro
38% OFF
Sold Out
MiniWalker Tiger 9 Pro Electric Scooter
Speed 40 MPH
Battery 20Ah
Range 34 MILES
Motor 2000W
Rated 5.00 out of 5
MiniWalker Tiger 8 Pro Electric Scooter
32% OFF
Sold Out
Tiger 8 Pro 1200W New Dual Motor Electric Scooter
Speed 34 MPH
Battery 15.6Ah
Range 30 MILES
Motor 1200W
Rated 4.67 out of 5
Inokim OXO Free delivery
29% OFF
Sold Out
INOKIM OXO Electric Scooter
Speed 38 MPH
Battery 25.6Ah
Range 68 MILES
Motor 2000W
Rated 4.86 out of 5
MiniWalker Tiger 10 Pro + (Plus) product picture
23% OFF
Limited Stock
MiniWalker Tiger 10 Pro + Electric Scooter
Speed 46 MPH
Battery 24Ah
Range 47 MILES
Motor 2400W
Rated 4.75 out of 5
Kugoo G-Booster Electric Scooter
27% OFF
Limited Stock
Kugoo G-Booster Electric Scooter 1600W – Free Seat
Speed 35 MPH
Battery 20Ah
Range 53 MILES
Motor 1600W
Rated 4.81 out of 5
MiniWalker 10DDM Electric Scooter
21% OFF
Limited Stock
MiniWalker 10DDM Electric Scooter
Speed 42 MPH
Battery 18.2Ah
Range 56 MILES
Motor 2000W
Rated 4.83 out of 5

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