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Private Electric Scooters could soon be made “Road Legal”

As new worries about unregulated e-scooters are raised, Transport Secretary Grant Shapps has hinted that they may be legalised. The Major Trauma Group has urged the government to take action against unregulated vehicles by legalising all e-scooters and requiring them to meet the greatest safety standards.

E-scooters are only permissible in UK if they are rental scooters, which are still part of a trial that is being introduced across the cities. Private scooters, which are now forbidden on public roads, may be legalised in the future, according to Transport Secretary Grant Shapps.

“If these data tell anything, it’s how quickly we need to legalise e-scooters to implement vehicle regulations and provide rider education,” Hirra Khan Adeogun, Head of Car Free Cities at climate nonprofit Possible, stated. Only then can e-scooters be used to improve urban mobility and decarbonize transportation in our cities, as they reduce carbon emissions, are more energy and fuel efficient, and can enhance public transportation access. Legalizing them will make them safer and more welcome in communities around the country.”


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